Terms & Condition

Customer terms of service

December 18, 2022 06:00 AM
A. Definitions and Who we are

Some of the words you’ll see have very specific meanings, so please check out the Goforumrah.com dictionary in our Terms of Service.

When you book an Accommodation, Goforumrah.com provides and is responsible for the Platform – but not the Travel Experience itself (see 1B below). Goforumrah.com B.V. is a company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands (registered address: Herengracht 597, 1017 CE, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Chamber of Commerce number: 31047344; VAT number: NL805734958B01).

B. How does our service work?

We make it easy for you to compare Bookings from many hotels, property owners and other Service Providers. When you make a Booking on our Platform, you enter into a contract with the Service Provider (unless otherwise stated).

The information on our Platform is based on what Service Providers tell us. We do our best to keep things up to date at all times, but realistically it can take a few hours to update e.g. text descriptions and lists of the facilities that Accommodations provide.

C. Who do we work with?

Only Service Providers that have a contractual relationship with us will be displayed on our Platform. They may offer Travel Experiences outside our Platform as well (so what they offer on our Platform may not be exhaustive).

We don’t own any Accommodations ourselves - we’re separate companies that have agreed to work with each other in a certain way.

Our Platform tells you how many Accommodations you can book through us worldwide - and our search results page tells you how many of them might be right for you, based on what you’ve told us.

D. How do we make money?

We don’t buy or (re-)sell any products or services. Once your stay is finished, the Service Provider simply pays us a commission.

And we don’t charge you any booking fees at all.